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Easter Games For Kids

Are you planning a party? These easter games for kids are just what you would need for a fun filled kids party.

In addition to eating candy and other treats, playing games is another tradition on Easter.

From egg hunts to bean bag throwing contests, there are many games to be played outdoors. And if weather doesn't permit an outdoor party, have fun playing these indoor games with kids.So here is a mix of both indoors as well as outdoor easter games for kids which they are sure to enjoy.

Outdoor Easter Party Games For Kids

Easter Bunny Games

One of the easiest Easter games for kids to arrange if you have several children over for a party, is the bunny hop. There are many variations to this game that will keep children energized and entertained. Here is a one that you can try.

Create a simple obstacle course where children have to hop around certain objects. You can use obstacles like lawn furniture placed in order. Kids have to hop over them to reach the finish line.

Here is another variation of the same game.Let the children pair up and link arms and they can hop one after the other through the obstacles.This game encourages teamwork and is a lot of fun at the same time.

Offering prizes to everyone is a great way to finish this game!

Judge The Bunny's Costume

Have a contest to judge an Easter bunny costume contest. Break the group into teams of two or three (adults can join in as well).

Supply brown paper bags, markers, school scissors, string, stickers and some decorative materials.Let each team have fifteen or twenty minutes to create their best Easter bunny costume.The team with the best bunny costume Wins!

Simple Indoor Easter Games for kids

If the weather isn't the best for an outdoor party, move the party indoors with these simple Easter party games and some easter crafts for kids!

Create an Easter Mobile

Creating an Easter mobile is another activity kids can enjoy doing. An easy way to do this is by handing out crayons and half sheets of construction or copy paper to each child and asking them to create three or four pictures of objects they normally see on Easter. Once the pictures have been drawn, use a hole punch to create a small hole at the top of each picture.

With help from the children, pull a section of yarn (cut pieces in varying lengths between 4 and 8 inches so each picture will have a different length of yarn) through each hole. Tie the pictures to a plastic hanger.

Which Animal Are You?

Here is a fun interactive games you can play with the kids.Cut out pictures of baby animals from magazines or make photo copies from a book. Mount these pictures onto cardboard or fold them in half and place them in an Easter bonnet.

Ask each child to pick out a piece of paper from the bonnet. After they identify the animal, tell them to imitate it as best they can. Typical you can include sheep, ducks, frogs, bunnies, cats, dogs, geese, and chickens, but don't let this list stop you and the kids from making any other animal noises not included in the list...:-)

Decorate Your Easter Egg

Easter isn't Easter until the children decorate eggs.So, why not decorate easter eggs with the kids. Get the whole group involved by providing markers, glue and glitter or stickers that can be used to decorate colored eggs. This can be a lot of fun as it gets both adults and children involved.

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Some good information, thanks for sharing! There are so many inappopriate places for kids on the web it's good to know some that are educational, fun and safe.
- Ben

Thank you very much for your info.
- Judy

I found your site and LOVE it - it's truly one of the best out there...I think your site is great...
- Ellen

I am a grade one teacher and enjoy your great web source for teachers.
- John

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